Dede Korkut Tales can Inspire the Turkish ESL Students to Speak Better English



Bayburt University’s English Language Teaching (ELT) department, is starting its courses as of 2016 fall season, using the Turkish sage Dede Korkut’s tales as part of its speech training curriculum. The story Wild Dumrul presented in this article is famous in world literature for its theme of “marital love and sacrifice.” Using literary pieces for speech classes is practical as students interpret their content and express their feelings in them by their individual style. English, pronunciation-wise, is the most inconsistent language in the world, hardly bound by any standards. However it is possible to learn to deal with it through a rigorous methodology of awareness and application of its phonetic features. The segmental units such as vowels and consonants and suprasegmental features such as stress, rhythm, linking, pause and pitch must first be learned and practiced for satisfactory performance. IPA transcription reading is a traditional way of bringing out such features into utterance. Many speech errors are avoided or corrected through this methodology. After a meticulous study, the English instructor candidates at Bayburt University ELT department will grasp the basics of phonetics through Dede Korkut’s inspiration leading them to a successful speech training career.

Anahtar Kelimeler

Dede Korkut, ELT, Oghuz tribe, phonetic transcription

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